Brave cant start

The browser does not start

Hello. I have several people who installed on my referral link and their browser stopped opening. They have not used it for 90 days, and I wait when I get tokens for them. One of these people is my friend who found a solution to the problem.

Problem: when you click on the desktop icon, nothing happens. There is no running process in the task manager. Via the terminal - also does not work.

Solution: if you open the file location and find the archive C: \ Program Files (x86) \ BraveSoftware \ Brave-Browser \ Application \ \ Installer\chrome.rar
After that, copy all the files from the archive to the folder and replace it - the browser will start working.

The question is - will the referral and its previous activity be lost to me? Will this method of solving the problem affect the start date of the referral activity?
in which file is the history of referral activity stored?

That sounds like your friend(s) may have a corrupted install somehow; I’m not sure what would have caused this. Were they ever able to launch Brave at all? If so, did they previously encounter crashes? It’s tough to say whether you will get proper attribution when browser files may have been modified.

it will be difficult for me to find out the reason for each of them. We need to find an easy solution that I could advise them.

If they download the setup file and install over the old version - I think this will help them. But will their further activity be counted as referral?

These people are marked as Installed in the admin panel, but not yet confirmed.

Ah, if they were counted as installed, the best option would be to simply give the system time to discover them as confirmed installations. Let’s revisit this next week, if they still haven’t been accounted for.

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