Brave can't read the files on a mounted partition

Hi, I installed Brave through Ubuntu Software (snap format) on Ubuntu 20.10.
The version is 1.16.72 (the one available at the moment on Ubuntu Software)
Ubuntu is installed on an SSD, but lots of data I need are on an HDD mounted on media/ale/DATA
All the programs can read and write the data on this partition, but not Brave. For example, I can’t set the default download directory in this partition or upload files in this partition on the web. The message is “Error opening directory ‘/media/ale/DATA/DOWNLOAD D’: Permission denied”. I already enabled all the permissions settings from the Brave page in Ubuntu Software. I tried to search on the web but looks like nobody wrote about this problem.
Can anybody help? Thank you

Update: I also installed Brave by the terminal through the procedure in the Brave download page so now I have two copies of Brave installed. The version is the same one ( 1.16.72), but one is installed through Ubuntu Software (snap) and the other (deb) through apt command. In the deb copy of Brave the problem doesn’t exist, while remain in the snap copy. Anybody know the solution?

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Hello @alesmuc

there are many unpredictable bug show up while people install brave using snap

that why i recommend people to use the official way

and have a nice day

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