Brave can't login with google tap your smartphone feature



Trying to log in gmail with tapping yes on the phone, immediately after entering the password google reports there was some kind of problem and try again while I do get the notification and tap yes on my smartphone.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Try to login to google for the first time, put in email and password
  2. pop up says immediately try again
  3. tap yes on smartphone does nothing (although says you successfully logged in)

Expected result:
log in gmail

Reproduces how often:

Brave Version

about:brave info:


Thanks for reporting @snowboard789!

We have an issue logged for this. I added your +1 to the issue which can be tracked here

Maybe you can use another 2FA method to login for now as a workaround until the team fix this.
Thanks and I’m sorry for the inconvenience,


im sorry I didn’t look up first existing issues :frowning:


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