Brave cant, and won't sync on my windows 11 laptop

Brave cant, and won’t sync on my windows 11 laptop. I have now removed all previous devices from my sync chain, including my laptop, with the exception of my Android phone.

“Brave could not access your operating system’s safe storage. This is what’s used to secure data such as passwords and cookies; it’s also required for Brave Sync to connect your browser profile between devices. This means Brave Sync is not running.”



Version 1.43.93 Chromium: 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build) (64-bit)

SM-S906U Android phone

I could not find any information, on how to give Brave access to my Operating Systems Safe Storage.

@gadg3t42 this is an issue that some people have experienced in more recent updates. Rather than going on big story of possible reasons, I’ll just jump to the solution.

On your device, go to brave://sync-internals

Once there, you’ll find a button that says Disable Sync (Clear Data)

Click that and it will remove your device from the sync and set it back at the beginning. From there you can add it to the sync again if you have the sync code or you can just start a new sync chain.

More detailed and technical answer, at least for Desktop versions, can be seen below:

Thank you for the help, on that cleared up the issue.

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