Brave Cannot Look For New Updates



Hello, i have installed the Brave Beta version and the first thing i see is that it cannot look for new updates :



I am having a somewhat similar issue. I get the following relaunch message. However, after relaunching I get the same message, no update happens.


Hi @MisterTeeXD @gpm,
Apologies for late response.

Is this issue still happens? Can you share your OS?


This issue is still there and im using Windows 10


I have moved to the Release channel and removed Beta. I did see the same issue on the Release channel once but it seems to have been resolved. Also on Windows 10.


Thanks for the info @MisterTeeXD @gpm,
Also cc @Mattches @sriram for additional test.

I once encountered this issue (maybe similar issue). But after end task Brave updater process via Task Manager, restart Brave, then it’s working again.


If anyone in this thread is still encountering this problem, please try @eljuno’s method and report back with the results.


When you launch Browser it runs the updater in background by default. If you launch and immediately open About Brave it will complain that updater is running already and might cause UI to show an error. @MisterTeeXD @gpm do you see these two process running in background tasks when you launch the browser?

If not could you check if the update service is blocked ? You can check by opening Start menu and type Services. Once the services app opens check for these two entries and see what it says