Brave built in password

Hi when is Brave going to have a built in password?


The password in Brave for the login is not necessary since it facilitates the registration and login of the system, if you want to keep your account more secure you can add a security system type 2FA Two-Factor in the configuration section as shown in the image that I will attach below, the No Password system was created to optimize User Registration and Login and facilitate its Use, to avoid receiving E-mail at all times, I recommend you to enter the Configuration and select the option, Keep me connected 30 Days, of that way you will not have to enter your email at every moment of login.

Publication data: Perform Remember your Account actions for 30 days only if you connect from a safe place, otherwise it is not recommended to activate the option, you can activate the Two-Factor and when you try to connect from anywhere Cyber ​​Café you can Enter with the Code and through your mobile device so you will keep your account safe.

I assure you that your Email will never forget it, your Password will. :smiley: