Brave bug on surface tablet


tapping address bar twice in succession results in crash. every time.


I’m sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting @kokiri.

It’s a known issue. I added your +1 and you can track the progress here



One thing I find excellent as a Linux user in regards to Opera and Vivaldi is that the load from start-up aspect to every update that is managed is superb.
As I stated and you directly mentioned that Opera’s UI/UX was excellent and this was largely and greatly due to John Von Tetzchner who was the lead UI/UX person that made it perform quite crisp. He actually actually co-founded the company before left to start Vivaldi.


"Hey, Brave, what happened to my topic?!"

I’m glad you asked, dear user!

In an effort to better organize and track relevant issues I will be closing several topics (like this one) where
the subject matter has either been resolved or depreciated with newer updates to the browser.

If I have closed a topic concerning an issue you are still experiencing or feel is not yet adequately resolved, you’re more than welcome to reopen the issue in a new topic or message me directly if you feel strongly that the topic should remain open.

Thank you