Brave Browser wouldn't open, now everything is gone

Brave froze on me earlier today while I was using it, so I tried to close it - I ended up having to restart my computer to get it to close, as even task manager couldn’t do it for some reason. When my computer was up again, the browser wouldn’t open - clicking the icon just made a white sheet pop up, then it’d close and the browser wouldn’t be opened. I saved the user data file to a different folder, then uninstalled and re-installed. I tried to put the user data folder back, but if I did I’d get the same problem and had to reinstall. All my bookmarks and everything are just - gone. My wallet, my bookmarks, my saved logins, all of it is in the old user data file that it won’t let me use.

Is there a way I can get my logins and everything out of my user data file without crashing the new installation again?

When Brave won’t open, it means installation is corrupted. Then you shouldn’t uninstall it. Instead just download the installer from and run it. The installer will replace all Brave files with new ones and will keep all user data intact. This is Chromium feature and works on all Chromium based web browsers.

So, download fresh installer from Brave’s website, move the user data to Brave’s folder and if it won’t open, just run the installer. Then you should be able to open Brave with all user data in it.

I tried that. The installer just froze and wouldn’t install when I tried it, it didn’t work until I uninstalled everything and removed all residual files.

Try this;

  1. Install any other Chromium-based web browser (Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera)
  2. Import history, bookmarks, passwords and other info from Brave
  3. Completely uninstall Brave and then install it again
  4. Import data from that other browser to Brave again.

I recommend using Chromium-based web browser because of compatibility reasons. Mozilla-based browsers might not be able to import everything.

If I try to port things over it just does the same thing again. Also if I try to install a theme, it will exit out of Brave, and the theme will not be installed when I reopen it.

Do other Chromium browsers start crashing when you import the data from Brave? If not, it might be the bug in Brave.

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