Brave Browser Windows Inaccessible Ubuntu 20.04

  1. Start brave browser nightly build by clicking on the shortcut or typing brave in cli. When program starts it shows it is running both via toolbar image as well as when viewing running programs via linux cli. Cannot access the browser however, it is as if it is stuck in minimized mode and will not allow me to open, enlarge, maximize etc…

Using Ubuntu 20.04
Latest Brave Nightly Build

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

Did you already have the Nightly build installed or is this your first time installing it?

No it had been installed for months.

It may be an issue with the Nightly build, which I reached out to the team about. I’m wondering if you right-click on the icon when the program is running (because it does appear on the toolbar), are you able to open a new window or access any of the right-click/context menu controls?

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