Brave Browser will not open (metamask lost)



Hi all.

I was using the Metamask extension for the brave browser and all was well up until a couple of weeks ago. I had been using it on Etherdelta and then the next week I tried to log back into my metamask but the brave browser wouldn’t open. It doesn’t even seem to launch as when I click on it, the mouse turns into a circle for a few seconds and then nothing happens. And for some reason now that I try to import my Metamask into a chrome browser using my private keys and seed phrases it won’t actually import my wallet with all of my tokens in it… please help!

I’m worries if I reinstall brave that I will lose access to that wallet as I will have to reinstall metamask, and since these recovery seeds and private keys arent working for chrome I am assuming the same will happen after I reinstall.

I’m running Windows 10 by the way, and I am not sure which version of Brave I have downloaded… (if anyone wants to tell me how to check I can let you know)

Thank you for your time, I really hope I can recover my tokens!


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