Brave browser wallet will not let me create a wallet

Brave browser wallet mobile will not let me create a wallet. I click on the wallet symbol in Brave mobile app settings. I get to the " secure your crypto with a password". I make a password and click continue and the page goes black and redirects to It never lets me set up the wallet. How do I fix this?

iOS or Android? Maybe a screenshot could help too please.

Android. I follow the steps and I end up on the brave wallet page.

For some reason I posted my picture is in the reverse order

@Actwoply Just wanted to let you know you haven’t been forgotten. It’s just that they don’t tend to have anyone working on the weekends. Since @brian started assisting you on Friday, I’m sure he’ll hop back in and try to get you a solution if it’s not resolved when everyone returns back to work around Monday/Tuesday.

I wish I had answers for you but I’ve got nothing beyond just being curious if you’re doing all password requirements, if clearing cache would work, etc. I’m also assuming you have updated Android and Brave to their newest versions?


Thank you. I just tried clearing the cache and it does the same thing. Same problem. Brave is updated all the way my phone is on Android 9 pie…

Can you confirm if it actually redirects you there or if the wallet UI just closes? This is super strange. I asked the lead Android dev here too but he’s confused at how that could happen.

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Could you also turn on crash reporting:
Settings->Brave Shields & privacy->Automatically send diagnostic reports

Then try to do the same steps. Does anything show there?

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How do I tell the difference. Without knowing how to tell the difference I would say that the wallet UI never actually opens. How big of a file can I upload to this site I will video it and post it here.

Could you please repeat the wallet creation steps after enabling diagnostic reports. After that you can go to that URL brave://crashes and see if there are any crashes.

This time it started to open up the wallet page after I turned on crash reports and started going across instead of opening up wallet they went back to the page I’m on to type this message Brave browser wallet will not let me create a wallet - #7 by brian

Do you see any crashes in brave://crashes?

thanks, I see it, I’ll be back most likely tomorrow when take a look at it.

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the fix for that crash is done and it’s going to appear on Nightly channel in the next few days and on the next stable release.


Thank you. I will wait and update the stable release and confirm. Also your help with my issue was super fast and very attentive. You rock!

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I updated the next stable release 1.35.103 and I still have the same problem.

What can I try next?

@Actwoply the 1.35.103 doesn’t contain the fix yet. The release has been pushed on Feb 16th, but the fix has landed on Feb 17th only. It will appear on the next release. You can try Brave Nightly which is in play store as well The fix is there already.

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