Brave Browser vs Nightly, excessive resource consumption

This is my first post on Brave Community, and since it’s my first, I feel it’s a bit crude, in a sense.

Recently I have been forced to go to Brave Browser (Stable Version, fully updated), because Brave Nightly (Version that is updated every Nightly) presents me with a problem on YouTube, which is that, every time I try to hit Notifications on YT, they don’t load and disappear, which is weird; on Brave Browser (Stable) this doesn’t happen, but I noticed an excess of resource consumption, something that doesn’t happen with Brave Nightly.

I guess you know what I mean (hehe), Brave Browser has an excess of resource consumption, with only 2 Tabs Open, on the other hand, in Brave Nightly I can open a gross amount of Tabs, an excess of resource consumption. Both versions of Brave are fully updated, and I clarify that My PC is basically a Carton one.


Brave Browser

I apologize if it is not specified correctly, I speak Spanish, and it is a little difficult for me to change the languages of the PC, I have a hobby of translating, but it is difficult to try to specify with little time.

Brave Nightly


I look forward to some feedback on this, I’d be interested to know the differences, if it’s not too much trouble.

For Brave’s excessive use of hardware, could you try disabling Hardware acceleration? It’s in brave://settings/system

As for Brave Nightly not being able to load Youtube notificatuon panel, Have you tried in a private window yet?
If that works it’s probably some extension or bad cookies interfering.
Remove extensions and cookies to see if that helps.

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Hello @Sxmpra-T

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings, to see if this resolves the issue?

You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration.

Let us know if that helps.

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I will try to delete the Cookies, but I doubt it is an Extension, I only have one enabled, but it never presented me with a problem.

Anyway I will try anyway. Thanks for your response.

As I had this problem before, that was the first thing I did, but in Brave Browser, and yes there were improvements, but when I tried Brave Nightly, the improvement was exacerbating. In Nightly it is also disabled.

And thank you for responding, my apologies for taking so long to respond.

The problem is already solved, I thought it was because it was outdated, but apparently it was the Cookies and an Extension, now the browser is working great. Thank you very much to both of you. @Alice2095

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Hi again! @Sxmpra-T

I’m happy that for now the issue is solved and thank you for sharing your solution, it will help more users. if you have any additional question or the issue comes back let us know. Have a great day. :wave:

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I am running a stable/latest revision and am also seeing excessive use of memory 2+GB and it ramps upward to 9GB out of 16GB of a i7 3770 desktop running Win10 Pro 22H2. I noticed the CPU resources are also pegging one core at turbo mode. ~3.8GHz. The only working tab is Youtube, with about several dozen entries in the queue. The resource consumption takes place after having the browser open for a day on Youtube. The behavior takes place similarly on a separate system as well.
A 3rd system running Peppermint Linux 10, a dual-core Pentium Sandy Bridge laptop, when viewing a video on Youtube, will invoke 100% CPU activity, spiking the temperature over 70C until the laptop’s OS crashes and reboots. I’ve not seen such behavior before and can’t determine if it’s a thermal shut down of the OS. But this shouldn’t happen while watching a video at 720p. That is the resolution of all three systems’ Youtube viewing on Brave.

This doesn’t appear to be related to last year’s or 2021’s hardware issues upon Brave starting and causing 100% CPU and disk activity. This time, Brave functions normally, but consumes abnormal blocks of RAM and CPU compute.

I don’t see the same behavior watching the same video in Vivaldi or Firefox. If I close and restart Brave, it will function normally, for a while. (a couple hours)

BTW what ‘extensions’ were the cause of your incident?

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Youtube Auto HD Extension :is the problem smile:

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