Brave browser using too much memory

I just re-opened the Brave browser and it is using a ton of memory. I only have two tabs open (this one and Facebook).


Why is this happening and what can I do to fix it??? HELP Please!

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This explains why my computer’s cooling fans are screaming when I have the browser open, especially when I’m in the preferences…well it partially explains it anyway, haha.

Yeah I noticed that, too. It’s probably because it starts a lot of sub-processes, sometimes 10 times more than other browsers. I don’t dare to imagine what might happen if I would try to use it like I use Waterfox or Palemoon (there I sometimes have over 300 tabs open)…

But I assume & hope that this will get fixed with Brave Core / version 1.0.

Right now? Nothing, it’s (to the best of my understanding) the way Brave works.
(Short of using another browser, of course.)

I find this very weird for a browser that is focused on privacy and avoid hidden info sharing …

can someone of brave explain? bug or design?