Brave browser uses a search engine and does not load the webpage directly


Device: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8
Android version: 4.2.2
Browser version: 1.0.23
Chromium version: 59.0.3071.92

Hi everyone. The problem happens when, for example I edit in the address bar the “bbc” part of and type “theguardian” to become, brave browser will use my preferred search engine instead of displaying the new page. Both news sites dont use https. And even in websites that use https the issue is still there. If I type “” (without quotation marks) in the address bar, brave browser will display the page but when I edit and replace the “bing” with “google” the browser will also use the search engine of my choice. It wont display googles homepage. Thanks for your time.


I can’t reproduce this on Lenovo Yoga Tablet.

cc: @Serg


I can’t replicate it as well. @android_sapien does it happen on Chrome?


Hi, the problem does not appear on Chrome. Even the last ever Chrome (v. 58) I’ve used. In Braves Advanced>Privacy settings, I unchecked the navigation, search and url suggestions as well as the prediction service like what I’ve done in the previous Chrome versions.


If you have more info, feel free to post here. Thanks.


Hello again. Ive just restored the default settings without clearing app and cache data as Ive tried that before in the previous version before I uninstalled it. I also changed the Google search engine to AOL but the problem still persists in the latest Brave browser version. The only solution is to type the web address in the address bar with no editing involved, but at least I dont have to type in http or https.


Hi @android_sapien

Question for you - regarding this:

Are you selecting one of the options in the drop down or are you selecting the ‘go’ arrow (or something similar) on your keyboard (see mine below in lower right corner).


Hello.Thank you for pointing this out. All the time I was overlooking this feature. It works, but only on previously entered web addresses. When I change only the domain name part of the web address, the browser will use any search engine I’ve selected. It wont directly go to the new page. Brave browser also frozed twice when I visited the Apple Macbook link on Apples website. The images were loading when I scrolled down and the browser stopped functioning. I cleared the cache but not the data and force stopped the app but nothing happened, so I removed it from the recent apps list and relaunched it. This never happened while I was surfing nasa.govs website which has a lot of images. Most of the time my tablet has 400-450MB free ram while Brave browser uses around 90-120MB. It also used 13% battery power as of now with fingerprint protection on. And around 8% when its off. This can also be due to several devices connected to the network. Thanks for your time reading my rather long reply.


The only way I’ve been able to reproduce what you’ve reported thus far is by tapping on the last item in the drop list in this image (what I’ve put the red box around).

Other ways (tapping the item in the list above the red box or using the arrow on the keyboard) have not produced the same results.

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