Brave browser user authenticating with Username, Password and 2FA


Dear Developers,

FEATURE REQUEST: Log into the Brave browser with Username, Password and 2FA.

I think a highly desirable feature for Brave would to be able to enable an application level login.

Security is extremely important to me and I always have every security feature enabled to the maximum possible level. It may not seem like much, but if someone were able to hack into my laptop, then they could open my Brave browser, and with the passwords saved in the browser, they would be able to access sensitive accounts.

I could turn off the Brave password storage, but I have complicated passwords, and many sites that I log into, so that feature of Brave is very useful to me. Not having to type or copy and paste passwords is a very good security feature in its self, so storing them in Brave is excellent. Also, I prefer not to use third party Apps for password storage as that also introduces possible security leaks.

The best solution is have Brave store my passwords. However, Brave is too easy to access if someone were to hack into my laptop. If I could have Brave its self locked down with a Username, Password and 2FA, then I would have the best possible scenario.

The 2FA is the main thing that provides true protection.

Please can this be looked at as a matter of priority? Adding this option should not impact any functional features of Brave, but would then make it the most secure browser in the space. The benefits for Cryptocurrency traders would be immense. It would be the killer feature they all need to protect the multiple logins they are forced to do with the many exchanges.

Thanks for listening and thanks for your time.
Kind regards, Ben.

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