Brave browser Uphold integration ID verification issue

My Uphold integration to Brave became disconnected after Uphold said they had to verify information, it has been about 7 months since then and Uphold has long since stated the information is verified, verified in march. Integration for the mobile app can be connected and disconnected like a light switch, however the desktop version simply says verified on the Uphold site then the brave rewards says I’ve exceeded the number of devices, which should be 4 but I only have 2 the mobile and the desktop and several times I disconnected the mobile and only tried to connect the desktop and it said the same thing, too many connections. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled Brave, downloading the exe file from several locations, running each exe file installing brave, connect, uninstall and repeat with another exe file and try to connect again. I’ve also disconnected brave on the uphold website and reconnected using the integrations page. I contacted Uphold since the issue began when they had to verify information out of the blue, but they said they couldn’t do anything and provided a link here and I’m out of ideas.

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