Brave browser uninstalled on its own!


So, this weird thing happened with me too. I have read few posts where people had Brave (Android) uninstall on its own but I thought it could be due to some security app or inbuilt feature in their case, which might have considered Brave as a malicious app or something.

Anyway, I used Brave browser like 2-3 minutes ago before it happened. And I was continuously using the phone, so it can’t be that somebody else uninstalled it. Also, my phone asks for confirmation before uninstalling any app. So, it is not like I can accidently uninstall any app.

I don’t have any antivirus or security app installed on my phone (except Play Protect, obviously). And Play Protect would notify before uninstalling the app.

Here’s how it happened-

I came across Thorium browser and just wanted to try it. I was browsing through their Github in Brave and downloaded it using Brave as well and then installed it. I tested it for like 2-3 minutes and didn’t like it. And then when I tried to open Brave using App switcher, it didn’t open. Then I found Brave icon missing from my homescreen and app list. Had to install it again and setup it from scratch.

I thought maybe installing Thorium lead to this, so I tested doing it again, but it didn’t affect Brave at all. So, I have no idea how it happened.

So, anybody got some clue on how it happened? Seems to be connected to Thorium browser, but idk.

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Another thing I noticed. Brave browser works at 60 Hz by default in my phone and I have to manually set it at 120 Hz in my phone settings each time I install it again. However, I didn’t have to set it at 120 Hz this time. Weird.

I do not have an explanation for this, nor can I reproduce the issue. I can assure you that Brave did not uninstall itself as it is not possible for an app to uninstall itself as it has to go through the OS/system to do that.

I’m unclear on what happened in your case but if you can reproduce it or if it happens again please let us know.

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Mine is acting funny too. That’s why I came here to see. When I open the browser where the news scroll is is just a loading circle. I’ve tried looking for anything in settings etc. but have no idea what’s going on…

EDIT—It miraculously started working again. Pretty annoying though, your servers alright where you are Brave??

I tried to reproduce it but failed to do so. It just happened after I tried Thorium browser, so maybe it has something to do with that. Brave was literally in my App switching menu while this happened.

And the phone settings (permissions and battery usage settings) I kept for Brave remained same alongside it continue having 120 Hz. So, it seems, it wasn’t removed “normally”. I did lost all of my Brave settings after installing it again.

Will surely let you know if I’m able to reproduce it ever.

Yes. Brave news works fine. Just in case it keeps loading, turn off brave news - > close brave → make sure brave is also not showing in task manager → Start brave → enable news again.

Are you sure it was ‘Uninstalled’, like when you went to playstore, it showed ‘Install’ instead of Open?

Are you sure no one else has access to your device who might have uninstalled brave.

Yes, it was not installed in the device. I Installed it again from Play Store.

And nope, nobody have access to my device and this thing happened right when I was using the phone. Didn’t even turned off the screen.

Downloaded and installed thorium browser to test

Didn’t like it, so tried switching to Brave using app switcher. It was showing black preview in app switcher. Clicked and I came to homescreen.

Found Brave was missing.

No idea wtf happened :joy:

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