Brave browser unable to load sponsored tabs

I’ve downloaded brave 1.42.86 from GitHub and installed it as an update. It was quite well with the older version but soon after I installed this version my brave browser unable to load/show sponsored tabs. Thus, I’m unable to earn through sponsored tabs.

An update should be providing some extra features, resolving existing bugs or issue keeping the smoothly running undisturbed. Right ?
But this thing just deteriorated the existing thing which was running smooth.
And the same thing is happening with the nightly version. Okay we can understand that Nightly is an experimental one.
But brave is not . Right ?

Please bring an update resolving this issue. When we are not able to get earned with something we are supposed to earn with , what is the point of using brave ?

@steeven @Mattches @Chocoholic

The latest build is v1.42.88. It’s more likely that you’ve simply hit your limit for NTP-SI and simply need to wait a while for the ads to begin appearing again. While we have made some changes regarding the NTP-SI function/frequency, AFAIK there are no current bugs/issues related to NTP-SI.

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