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Hi.Which version should I use to earn money with this browser by watching the ads?(BETA,NIGHTLY,DEV)

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@evaproject34 - each version from 4 available will work, so it doesnt matter

Cool. But I set “5 ads per hour” from the brave rewards section, but I can’t get ads.

in which country you are located?

I live in Turkey bro.

Please check if you see something on

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what is this? I dont understand

If you are eligable to receive ads, you should see some recors there

Well, so for some reason you are not eligible to receive ads

why am I not available? What is the reason?

As per there is only one active campaign in turkey so maybe check later

@evaproject34 can you make sure you’ve the latest version? And set both region and language to Turkey?

It’s weird that your catalog is empty. Even though there’s only 1 active campaign for Turkey, it should still shown in the catalog.

Beta, dev, stable versions are available(I uploaded 1 day ago).The region and language are Turkish. cuzdan and ad active.

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