Brave browser tabs don't open when I click on them


B. A screenshot or recording of the issue (Licecap is totally free to use I don’t want to provide this because the information in the browser is commercial in nature and would breach privacy laws as it contains customer information.
C. A listing of:
i. Your Operating System and version Windows 10 Pro ver. 1703
ii. Your Brave Version. Nothing happens when I click about brave from the menu. I installed it a few days ago.
D. Detailed step-by-step instructions of how you came across the issue.
Browser tabs are stuck with a loading icon. If I click on one tab with a loading icon, it shows a greyed out tab and can’t interact with it. If I click on another tab with a loading icon, a completely grey page shows. For other tabs that were loading, I could sometimes close them, and open the same page. I don’t experience the same issue on other browsers. Unfortunately this is a deal-breaker as I can’t work with this issue.


Hi @JamesRay, This issue has been reported and is being tracked here for investigating the root cause


Closing the thread for now.

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