Brave Browser sync issues for Samsung s22 ultra


I’m trying to sync Samsung s22 ultra with Brave, but it’s not working and I keep getting the text in the attached screenshot when using this mobile’s camera to scan the sync chain QR on my original mobile.

Both mobiles have the latest version of Brave.

Please advise on how to fix this.

Thanks a lot.


How are you scanning? You need to do it through Brave and not just your camera. If I’m seeing this properly, it appears as if you just scanned from camera or whatever.

When I say through Brave, you go to Settings > Sync > Add To Existing > then you scan code.

If I’m seeing that wrong and you did exactly as said above, not sure what’s going on. Keep in mind though you can view and enter a phrase. You don’t have to use QR code. So might just be that you’ll need to do it that way if all else fails.

Hi Saoiray,
Thanks for the reply.
Did all these steps:
Settings > Sync > Add To Existing > then you scan code.

Still the scan of the QR code brings up the image attached in the original post =) I tried the sync both on mobiles and laptops, no sucess with the new mobile.

I did that previously for Samsung Galaxy s9 and s10 plus and it worked very well, but the problem is with Samsung galaxy s22 ultra.

So, the issue is still not solved.