Brave Browser suddenly very slow

I was doing some changes to the windows firewall and again reverted it but my browser became extremely slow after that

Might help with watching what the computer’s networking is doing — via NetLimiter 4:”

The slowness is not in terms of less speed…I am getting good speeds and am able to run even 4k60fps videos, the slowness is in terms of opening the any webpage and switching to other tabs

Test whether a fresh user profile resolves the issue.

It doesnt work…some sites load faster but main sites dont

If you believe the firewall changes you made affected browser’s performance, you’ll have to go into detail regarding the changes so the support team can assist you.

Do you reject the possibility of those websites being slow due to their own issues right now?

It’s highly unlikely that changing your firewall settings (reverting them or not) would impact specifically browser performance in this way. What about other browsers/apps? Are they also seeing the same change in performance?

I tried using chrome to see if it’s my comp fault or not, but chrome was normal and all the websites loaded fast, Its only in the brave browser and by websites i mean YouTube and google(They r painfully slow to load anything in brave)

Another thing that I noticed is after the slow opening of a website, If I try to open it again it loads up normally(Less load times), however I cannot rely on using this method as my school gives many links

these are the settings which i changed

Can you please try creating a new, temp. browsing profile and test to see if the browser behaves the same way when using the new profile?

Behaves the same way

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