Brave Browser Stats skyrocketing without additional browsing


Description of the issue: I was on Brave Beta and previously had used the prior Brave browser versions. I downloaded the most recent Brave browser last night. I stepped away from the computer and came back to see the ads blocked ticking up at a very fast and consistent rate. Same goes for hours. For example in 33 seconds, it went from 42k ads and 43 minutes saved to 51k blocked and 50 minutes saved. After probably an hour or more of computer usage, the totals were at 700k and 10 hours saved.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):
Last night every time I opened a new tab with the new browser I could see the totals shoot up.
Closed browser and re-opened to new tab and it would still shoot up.
Today I uninstalled all versions of Brave and re-installed the recent Brave browser and although it still shows 700k and 10 hours saved, the metrics are no longer skyrocketing. So in summary, it appears to be fixed now but there was a bug when the other versions were on my desktop. The inflated stats remain.

Edit: as of 10/21 seeing the same issue again

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!): The # of Ads blocked and estimated hours saved shot up to over 700k ads blocked and 10 hours saved within a short span

Expected result: Accumulate Brave stats at regular pace when viewing websites.


Can somebody look into this?


What sites do you have open in tabs? Certain sites like is causing the issue where the stats keep counting. There’s an issue logged for this that can be tracked here
New tab page: Ad block stat count incrementally increases · Issue #1311 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub


I actually do use ESPN a good amount and just did a quick test. Stats showed around 3k trackers blocked in 10 seconds. My updated stats since the time of the original post are 176k trackers blocked, 1.3m ads blocked, 643 hps upgrades (seems in line with what I had before issues), 21.3 hours

Thanks for posting the link to the other issue that’s logged as I missed that the first time.

I’ll be on the lookout for any additional sites that cause the spikes and reply back if I see anything.



I noticed this with website. If this site is open in the browser and upon opening a new tab the counter goes crazy.
Reported it here: Bug.. the tracker counter on new tab keep running suddenly
But with new release (Version 0.57.3 Chromium: 70.0.3538.67 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)) I do not see this. Can you check you have updated the browser.


Just for fun I kept ESPN tab open and a new tab and this is where it took


I was wrong. The latest update did not solve the issue. May be the team is still working on this i guess.


It also chews through my CPU. Normally Brave uses very little (1-2%) but with ESPN open, my CPU-hit sometimes goes up to 50% (on a 1.8Ghz i7 - U8550).


The same thing happens on Google Translate page. If the page is left open, the counter keeps going up.

The developer tools shows that it makes constant URL request, so maybe it’s working as it’s supposed to be?