Brave browser startup URL where can I restore those URL

Hi all,
I had couple startup URL link as Brave browser automatically opens them up once I launch it. My PC crashed recently and I had to rebuild it, long story short, I still have my old hard drive and the Brave folder. When I copied the Brave folder onto the new drive, I got my bookmark back. However, the startup pages were gone or not show up even I copied the entire brave folder. There was one particular URL that I can’t remember, and I really like to find a way to get those URL links back. Where does Brave store those startup URL? Many thanks.

If you have your old User data folder, you’ll find it in User data/Default/Secure Preferences. Note that using a JSON viewer will make this quite a bit easier but it is possible with text edit. For example, I’ve set as my startup page, and see it listed here under the name Session in my Secure Preferences file:

Thank you for the prompt response, I was able to locate the file, in my Windows 10 environment on my old HD, it is AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Secure Preferences
However, when I view this file in regular text editor, I can’t find the startup_urls attributes or any URLs look alike link.
Then I tried using some online json viewer and copy and paste the content of this file to view, the output is still pretty much encrypted.
Please help, it is getting closer to get my startup URLs back.

This is the output from the json viewer, the startup_URL contents appears encrypted

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