Brave Browser Screen Not Showing - Bug


Hi Brave Team,

I am having a problem with Brave. It looks like an issue that has been happening a lot for everyone and hasn’t been fixed in the latest version. I am running the App version 0.23.79. The screen opens and shows it is open in the task bar but it doesn’t let me interact with the browser almost like it’s opening off screen somewhere else.

I have put a lot of BAT in the wallet on this particular Browser. I hope it is not gone.


By the way I am running windows 10. I have tried turning everything off, disconnected 2nd screen, restarted many times and it is not making any difference.


Hi @Braddozack,

Did you see Brave pocess is running in Task Manager? It something like the window is hidden or out of screen. Are you able to maximize the window? Could you try pressing Alt+Space together and select M and use arrow keys to move the window into the screen?


Thanks, the Alt - space - M fix worked. I was able to bring the screen back by arrowing across. Much appreciated!