Brave browser profiles and cookies

I have several profiles set up to keep the different sites seeing cookies from other profiles.
I was assuming this worked
It does NOT work
I have a facebook profile and nothing else ever opened up in that profile.
Was searching for a hand lotion yesterday in a different profile, lo and behold ALL of my ads today in facebook are about lotions
Why is this happening???

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Could be IP-based tracking

Yes, I guess it could be
Seems like a lot of work to just place an ad somewhere
but they are making billions off of ads
Just a PIA

Even with your IP cloaked, targeted advertising happens. I’m not sure how, I suspect device fingerprinting that even Brave’s anti-fingerprinting cannot circumvent.

See also: Location leaking despite VPN + Tor

@312922 Check out everything I mentioned a bit ago at Stop Google location - #2 by Saoiray

There’s a lot of other little things not mentioned, but it’s important to kind of know that privacy is a pain. I mean, Facebook has been integrated into a lot of websites. If you’ve ever watched, quite a few give the option to “log in using Facebook” and all or even have a chat system that rides on Facebook. So when you have a cookie on your device (which is necessary to log in) from where you logged into Facebook, then as you travel that cookie is recognized by adservers and all. The only way you can block that is to constantly erase cookies and all. Not sure what settings you have on Fingerprinting and Cookies, but if too strict you’ll see limitations on sites where you won’t be able to access them.

I have the option to login facebook, google, linkedin, twitter all off
This is the first time I have noticed this happening with different profiles
It is just becoming such a pia with a lot of sites
everybody wants to track and sell ads and crap

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