Brave Browser PRINT Function Issue **v1.50.114** (Apr 5, 2023)

The issue discussed herein was reported to Microsoft for their MS Edge and appears to be resolved. The issue persists with the Brave browser.

The issue I was having with MS Edge after their last browser update…

Version 112.0.1722.34 (Official build) (64-bit). Issue did NOT exist prior to this update. Issue is also found with Brave browser but not with Firefox browser.

Upon using the Print function in MS Edge to print pages from a website, the printer dialogue box opens and the circle will spin (in order words, there is a lag occurring with a blank printer dialogue box). Then, MS Edge will stop responding for a few seconds before what is selected to Print finally appears on screen. I can then print normally.

With the Brave browser, same lag is occurring but without any notice that the browser is not responding. After the lag, information to be printed will appear and I can proceed with printing.

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I have the same issue…Brave updated and now whenever I try to print the print dialog window hangs for about 20 seconds or more.

Does not happen in any other browser. It doesn’t matter what printer I select after it freezes. I tried disabling hardware acceleration but that did not work. I cleared history…that did not work.

I had reported this issue to Microsoft (for the Edge browser) and they replied (see below). Whether Brave follows and makes the changes, I couldn’t say.

Good news!! On Apr 09, 2023, you shared with us this feedback:

There is an issue with MS Edge after last update… Version 112.0.1722.34 (Official build) (64-bit[…]

We want to let you know that we fixed an issue that’s related to this feedback in an upcoming update to Microsoft Edge.

Thank you for helping us make Microsoft Edge better than it was before. We can’t wait to hear what you think of next!

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Seems like it definitely started when Brave updated last.


Also only being able to post three times on a thread is, well, you know.

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Yes, it did start with the last Brave update just as it did with the Microsoft Edge browser. Now that Microsoft states the fix will be in their next update, hopefully Brave will follow suit.

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