Brave Browser on PC has been randomly crashing and logging me out of all websites when I restore the session

Description of the issue: (I posted this ion the Brave subReddit about a week ago but didn’t get any replies so I thought I’d post here as well. )

"Brave has recently been randomly crashing for me, today while doing a search inside of YouTube.

When I launched again it asks for the option to reopen all my tabs, so I do then I noticed I’m logged out of all my websites! Today’s session I had tabs open for Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon, Twitch, SlickDeals and Youtube, and I was signed out of all of them.

Then I went to Brave settings I noticed it had me still signed into Brave Rewards & Uphold.

I’m not sure what’s causing the crashing lately as I haven’t installed any recent add-ons, but why is it logging me out of all the websites even ones that aren’t currently open? Has anyone else experiencing this problem?"

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Intermittent issue, so hard to pinpoint when it happens.

Expected result: Not having to log in all my sites randomly when Brave opens.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.56.9 Chromium: 115.0.5790.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information: I’m on Windows 10. I’ve google searched and also seen a few other threads on the Brave Community forums wither others experiencing similar issues randomly getting logged out of websites when launching Brave.

I’ve also also made sure my Clear Browsers Settings On exit I don’t have the clear browsing data and passwords on exit checked in.


As a test I just closed Brave after posting this, and I had the following websites open:
Brave Community, SlickDeals, Twitch, Reddit, Gmail, and YouTube

Brave Community, Twitch, Reddit, Gmail all asked me to sign completely back in when I re-opened Brave, however SlickDeals did not (kept me logged in) and YouTube asked me to ‘select a channel’ between my 2 YT channels so that looks like it kept me partially logged in there.

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