Brave Browser Notifications - Keeps asking me when I don't want it

Do you mean when you sign into a particular user profile on your macOS system or are you referring to browser profiles?

I am referring to macOS system. Are we anywhere closer? I just signed in to this user and it’s still showing up:
"Brave Browser Notifications - Notifications may include alerts, sounds, and icon badges.
options: Allow, Don’t Allow

I always choose don’t allow. I have no idea why this keeps happening.

On the macOS system notifications screen, can you (for both Brave browser options) toggle the Allow notifications option “on” for both, then select None for both, the turn both back off again and check and see if this resolves the issue?

@mattches I just did as you said. Next time I log in I will see if it works…

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@Mattches it has not worked.

Same issue here. However I’m a window 10 user and a new Brave user.
I will try the setting mentioned above and change to “don’t allow sites to send notifications”.

However, it doesn’t make sense even if this sloves the “problem”.

The real question is, with a defult setting of “sites can ask to send notifications”, did Brave ever receive my consent to send me all these pop up ads?
Or, is it because the ads from Brave the brower itself are not considered “sites notifications”? Which make sense why the above setting won’t help.

Second question, what if I like the defult setting. Maybe say I want to receive notifcations from certain sites such as YouTube. But I don’t want any pop up ads from the Brave browser itself, how do I change that.

Pretty sure I got another pop up ads asking if I want to buy a crypto hard wallet. I just installed Brave yesterday and I have not visited any crypto websites nor did I give permission to anyone to send anything. So how did this happen?

Who gave the permission?

I think I have found the solution. It is actually the Brave ads. This has nothing to do with website notifications. You have to turn off the in-browser ads.

Same problem here, Mac M1 MBP with Monterey 12.5.1. Screenshots from my computer are exactly the same as the one’s above from Optimus. If I turn off in browser ads then my understanding is I will no longer earn Brave Rewards, is that correct? Do we know if this would actually work?