Brave browser not working since upgrading to v1.15.75

As stated in title, I can not use the browser for any live site (gmail, outlook, youtube, twitch) since updating to v1.15.76. I am unsure what is going on. I do not have SEP, so that’s not the issue. I have deleted all extensions, reset settings, and performed a clean install of the browser with no luck. I can go to static sites (such as drop box, or Pinterest)

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. be me
  2. stupidly upgrade browser
  3. do NOT profit???

Expected result:
I’d like to use Youtube, with proper ad blocker again.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
I am running Win 10 pro 19041. I have also attempted compatibility view, roll back, clean install, reset settings, turning off hardware acceleration, terminated my computer’s proxy settings, ran brave in administrator mode, Whitelisted Brave on my firewall, made brave my default browser.

Hello @whaat

did you tried to turn off the shield

and have a nice day

hey, thanks! I went in and played with shield settings, using Gmail as the test site.

It appears to be an issue with Fingerprint Blocking. I was able to keep my cookies on all, scripting on disabled, and ad blocking on aggressive.

so enabling fingerprint blocking is breaking live service websites? …that sounds wrong.

update: Cross-site cookies have to be enabled for liver service sites to work with username and passwords (an obvious oversite on my part). This appears to be the case with anything that single sign-in services can work for. (google, and microsoft sites).

Time to test it with Youtube, and twitch. I’ll be back with updates!

any site require login will need cookies so you should enable cookies at least
to that level that block only thirdparty cookies

also disable script would break many site as most of site if not all use script

and glad that you figured it out and have a nice day

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