Brave browser not supporting users and creators

"Dear fellow internet users in India,

As we all know, the internet has given us the power to access information, connect with people and share our ideas and thoughts with the world. However, in order for the internet to continue to be a powerful tool for expression and creativity, it is important that we support systems that value and compensate content creators for their contributions.

Sadly, the Brave browser, which is gaining popularity in India, is not one of those systems. Brave is a browser that blocks ads and trackers, which is great for privacy, but it also has a built-in cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token (BAT) that it uses to compensate content creators. However, the reality is that the vast majority of creators, including those in India, are not being paid by Brave.

This is a serious problem, as it devalues the hard work and creativity of creators, and it also undermines the principle of a fair and just internet. By using Brave, you are supporting a system that exploits and devalues the contributions of creators.

I urge you to stop using the Brave browser, and instead consider using a browser that values and compensates creators for their contributions. There are many other browsers that are just as privacy-friendly and have better systems in place to compensate creators, such as Firefox or Chrome.

In the end, our choices as internet users can have a real impact on the way creators are treated and compensated. By choosing to use a browser that values creators, we can help ensure that the internet remains a powerful tool for expression and creativity.

Let’s support creators and make the internet a better place for everyone."

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