Brave browser not showing on windows




I have installed brave browser on my windows, unfortunately its not showing anywhere, like desktop or program files. If i close browser i want to install every time. Please let me know is there anything wrong.



Try searching it in root partition. Usually C:\program files or your manually selected path. Search for folder “Brave”


After 2 re install now its showing on start menu and desktop shortcut. Thanks for your help.


Now make sure to pin it to desktop & taskbar :slight_smile:

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Also now facing other problem, when we keep open browser with number of tabs long time, some of the page when we want to look, it wont be get refreshed. Need to be restart browser again. Also the best part of this browser is easy closing, with 1 second all the tabs getting closed. compared to chrome brave is super fast. Am positing a video link how its performing ( mentiond problem)

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