Brave browser not connecting to Uphold and not verifying. Please help

On uphold, it says brave browser is integrated, but last used 2 years ago. I did connect them 2 years ago but did not use it much. Now when i try to verify my wallet through brave, it says “Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.”
What is happening here?

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Are you using the same device? Did you uninstall or reinstall brave? How many devices have you used to connect brave to uphold in the past?

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Yes i am using brave on the same device. I didn’t reinstall brave. i made an uphold account two years ago but never verified it until recently. on uphold it says it is integrated with brave and last used 2 years ago. But i cannot verify my wallet now.

Try this first.

I do not have uphold on my phone. I had it before but didnt really use it.
For the shields, should i have it off?

Click on it and follow the directions in that link exactly.

Yes I did that and it is not working.

It actually is saying my brave profile is flagged. Is there a way to actually speak to someone from Brave? Why would it get flagged

Start here:

If that does not answer your questions then you can put in a support ticket.

how do i put in a support ticket

Create new topic and select rewards rewards support then fill in all of the info in the bold sections.

FYI my wallet is disconnected and i got flagged trying to reconnect last night. So I’m in the same boat as you. Really all we can do at this point, is wait. Nothing will be resolved over the weekend.

It is frustrating how Brave has all these bugs. I wonder if Beta versions or Nightly is better

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