Brave browser not allowing me to use other apps on my computer

When I use Brave, occasionally (actually quite a lot of recent), it is like it keeps grabbing the Operating Systems attention and if I switch to another app, it blocks me using that app.
I am a web dev and I use the inspector and I don’t know if that has anything to do with it but if I use the inspector to check something, it also seems to happen. Even to the point that it would not allow me to shut my system down.
I force quite brave and then it allowed me to use other apps. I logged out and logged back in again. Opened brave, and switched back to my coding editor and it would not allow me to type. The window would sort of lock like I was not allowed to do what I was doing and then it would shift the focus back to Brave.
Now I am having to use other browsers to work as this has made using Brave a very time consuming option.
Hope this helps.

Mac OS 10. Catalina. I would get you the build but Brave is stopping me from opening the window I needed.
Latest version of Brave.