Brave Browser No Ads Since July6 /20

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Description of the issue:
ever since my first issued bat upon using brave browser on Android the app version is 1.10.20 update of jun 25/20 till now there are no ads since then I only got 9.something bat on this browser I can’t or unable to connect it on my uphold account I understand that it wouldn’t show me irrelevant ads ive seen trezors global trading and all before july 6 after that theres none no infos not attraction basically zero ads which I find it weird

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Continue using brave browser no ads
2.always using brave browser doing market research no ads no info no intro no relevants

Expected result:
Ads will show from time to time , able to link up on uphold account

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.10.20 Jun 25 2020

Mobile Device details
Huawei Y5

Additional Information:

I am already aware of this , and I accepted the facts it will only show relevant to my browser activity and searches , I find this acceptable
but for the past weeks almost reaching a month I didn’t even see a single ads even just one like food or trezor offer discounts as such which I find it weird

Ask @steeven about it

no replies or support? is ads currently unviable on ph. users ?

Currently Updated to Brave Browser 1.11.105
Nothing changes other than blockfi wallpaper for opening new tabs

no relevant ads showing since this post report was posted , And no Support reply

Country : Philippines

I from Indonesia. But I not received ads from July. After I change my device language to English my device able to receive ads again. It’s may helpful :slight_smile:

Before it you must check are your country available ads challenge
You can check it in this url

I too facing the same issue but from Aug 6/2020, i’m getting ads for particular devices btw.

Other than uninstalling I tried many ways to get them. No use of it.

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