Brave Browser needs to be fixed for connection to Gamma,XYO.Network website!



When I go to Gamma,XYO.Network using Brave Browser & try to login into Gamma.XYO.Network, I get “A NETWORK ERROR (SUCH AS TIMEOUT, INTERRUPTED CONNECTION OR UNREACHABLE HOST) HAS OCCURRED.” This doesn’t happen when I use Chrome Browser! Also my Metamask Chrome EXT on Brave Browser was able to read my XYO Token not unless I go to Gamma.XYO.Network website! Also the MetaMask Chrome EXT shows my ETH address & Pareto address ! in Brave Browser. But I was hoping that MetaMask can read my XYO Tokens also instead of going to Gamma.XYO.Network when I need to. Also how can I add XYO Token near the BAT!


Also there’s this too!45%20AM!
Also how do I add XYO besides the BAT logo in url!



I knew it! When I added the MetaMask Chrome EXT on Chrome Browser, I was able to see my XYO Tokens imported from my Ledger! Also the is real slow to upgrade the access points. My XYO was at 9 access points with 5000 XYO when checked my XYO Public Key at Now I have 27 access points & still growing! My XYO Public Key still has it a 9 access points. The 5000 XYO came from XYO Public Key when I did Search geohash or place!