Brave browser missing contents in home page and website but Firefox works ok

My brave browser is missing all icons, contents from websites and settings. I’m on Fedora 38 with the latest kernel. This is what I am seeing:

I’ve tried rebooting and nothing works! Please help and thank you!

Hi @akihisa welcome to Community :wave:

Could you kindly share the following below and we can troubleshoot what might be happening.

  1. What version OS/device are you using?
  2. What version of Brave are you on? (Stable, Nightly or Beta)
  3. Do you have Brave Shields enabled or disabled?


Using a Fedora 38 linux 6.2.15, brave Stable and I can see if shields is on or not

Thanks for sharing @akihisa could you share what version of Brave Stable you have installed?
Are you able to reproduce this in a new brave profile or in a different browser?

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