Brave browser lost Data after reinstall

Hello everyone. I had some issues with the brave browser so I decided to reinstall it. After doing a full reinstall I connected my wallet with my seeds.
the problem is that I couldn’t get back all the pages I saved or passwords. I thought it will be like chrome once you put in your account it bring back everything to you.
I am now facing also an issue of verifying my wallet with Gemini that it was not an issue in the past.
In addition to all of that I also lost BAT rewards for the whole month and came back to zero. We all know now brave has an issue with connection to Gemini. But what about my bookmark that I lost them all.
I am afraid I will have to leave Brave for not keeping my account’s details after restoring it.

@samsabir there’s two different parts. There’s the code for your wallet which only connects to the wallet for payment. Then there’s sync, which has its own code. You would need to save it and then add your new device to that sync chain in order to have all of your old bookmarks and all.

And in regards to Gemini, they have announced many times here on the forums that there is an issue being resolved with Gemini and they are hoping to have it resolved by February 3.

Thank you for the answer. I have never done synch I thought all automatic. Now is there anyway to get back my bookmarks and passwords? Is synch was the only solution? I have been using Brave on the same computer.

Bookmarks and passwords save in the browser. If you delete the browser or have issue, typically it would be lost. Sync does have a bit of a backup for you but then it also is able to have bookmarks, passwords, etc from multiple devices using Brave share that information with each other.

Thank you again. so just to clarify. If I am synched and I use brave only and only on one device (laptop) and then I reinstalled a fresh windows OS, will I lose all the bookmarks and passwords even if I was synched?
I appreciate your time

@samsabir To be as direct as I can, I won’t be able to give you a 100% affirmative answer as I’ve always had two devices synced at a time. So I don’t want to assume and answer as if I know with certainty.

That said, if you have an active sync chain with your device on it and then you add another device (even if it’s the same thing but with a fresh Windows OS), then it should be able to have access to all of the bookmarks and passwords you had saved. This means you wouldn’t lose that information. The requirement here is that you have your sync code saved and a sync chain started, even if it’s only 1 device. Then you’d have to add your new/refreshed device and ADD to an existing Sync using that code.

The other thing I’m trying to be clear on is that they have a separate code for the wallet compared to bookmarks and all. I know they are talking of eventually rolling it together one way or another, but it’s not existent now to my knowledge. So there’s the Restore function for your Wallet and then there’s Sync for your bookmarks/passwords. If you don’t have those codes stashed away somewhere, then when you install Brave again or on a new device you’ll be starting with a new wallet (which has to be verified and might count towards your 4 device lifetime limit) and you’d have no access to anything you saved before. So saving those codes in a safe place is very important.

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