Brave Browser Login Issue

I am not able to login my Brave account , I lost my authenticator app , and I request you to please provide me a proper solution for this issue. Please help me as soon as possible

I am also not able to log in to my creator account. I am not receiving the log in email. I have cleared my cash and cookies, kept an eye on spam folder and nothing. I am also receiving no help from anyone or even an acknowledgement that i exist at all. Pls help anyone

@gibblegobbler am sorry. the reason no is speaking is because most of us don’t know what to say to help. i can only forward this to an admin. @Mattches please help.
once again we are sorry.

Thank you the kindness is much appreciated. at least now i know there are actually people on here.

Sorry for the inconvenience @gibblegobbler – I’ve reached out to some of our Publisher’s team to take a look on our end to see what the issue may be. Thank you for your patience.

Please use the 2FA Removal process in order to reset your account information and regain access.

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step 2. Accept the login link sent to your creators email and you will be brought to the 2FA page. is not possible as the email is never received by me. so there is no login link in existence. therefore the 2FA Removal process is unavailable due to the aforementioned email never being received by me. Not sure that i am locked out unless being locked out of you account also stops you from receiving the login email.

In an attempt to further troubleshoot on my end i checked my spam settings in my email and added the email address from an older link to my safe senders list. Just to ensure that my email was not blocking the email from coming in, tried again with no luck.

Hi @gibblegobbler do you happen to use G-Mail? I know that sometimes the new e-mails will only show up in a thread of previous login e-mails.

Could you try searching for a previous login e-mail and see if new ones are being added in a thread?

If that doesn’t work please let me know and I can take a look at your account manually, thank you!

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I am using I have checked all my old logins and emails sent to me but all the old links are no good anymore. Each of the old emails seem to contain only one login link and not much else.

I did also set up the 2FA system but was only able to use it a few times. the process was as follows.

Go to brave creator log in page
Recieve email with log in link
Click on link
Recieve 2FA input window
Enter 2FA info
Access account

I have not been able to do this in the last 3 days because of the no email issue. I mention this because the 2FA system seems to cause other people issue and might be the culprit i dont know.

@dan_brave just wondering if you have had time to check on my account. I still have no idea what to do and no access to my account because no login email is being sent to me. I just uninstalled and reinstalled brave and that didn’t help either.

Hi @gibblegobbler , my apologies but from our end I cannot see anything out of the norm for your account; there is no suspension status and the 2fa registration looks okay. I believe hotmail is causing the issue you are seeing, would you consider creating a new account using g-mail?

I believe this would solve the issue, you will also be able to transfer your channel to the new account by verifying it with the new account. Please dm me if I can provide any more info, thank you for your patience.

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thank you for your help i just made a gmail account and that seems to have fixed it. I have no idea what hotmail was doing.

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Tell me something about my June rewards :rage:

Sir, how to fix it 2f authentic code

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