Brave browser locks up on certain websites

I’ve noticed recently several sites seem to lock up Brave.

One that recently caused a lockup is

At the time I had about 20 browser windows open.

I tend to leave a lot of windows open so this could be some kind of resource hog issue.

I’ve also seen freeze during the login process, unfortunately I can’t give you steps to reproduce as you need to login via 16 digit debit card number to see the issue :slight_smile:

This is on Linux Mint 20.3 (Ubuntu 20.04) on dual 2690 xeon with 32gb ram- issuing killall brave does work but in the past it seems to have caused a mouse input lock and I’ve had to use ctrl-alt-f number to change to terminal and kill brave from there.


Perhaps @JimB1 may be available, to help you.

Which version of Brave are you on?

How did you install it?

For the first URL you suggested, does it consistently/always cause the lockup or is it only occasional?

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