Brave browser launches twice from Task Bar on desktop


Hey all!

The most recent patch returned a bug that I noticed was previously (accidentally?) fixed.

I’ve always used an address bar for opening my browser to a specific URL from my desktop. Saves a few clicks. Anyway, when doing so the Brave browser launches twice. One instance opens the website I typed in the address bar, the second instance opens whatever I have in my settings for the option “A new tab shows”.

For example, if I have “A new tab shows: Blank Page”, then a blank page is opened as well as the URL that I typed in the task bar address bar. If I have “A new tab shows: Default search engine”, then would also be opened, as well as the website I have typed in the task bar address bar.

The bug existed maybe 1-2 patches ago, and was gone with the last patch I believe, but has again returned.

Thanks! Keep up the great work!


Mine launches twice every time…


Same here, it is so frustrating! It will not let me roll it back to the last version either. :frowning:

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