Brave browser keeps signing me out

this is the second day my brave browser has signed me out of all accounts on the browser. I have never had this issue before. i do have CCleaner but i have not run it to clear anything yet. What can I do?

@Bellz Check to make sure you don’t have it set to clear cookies on exit. That would be the first. I’d give you instructions on where to look, but you didn’t provide details on which version of Brave you’re using or even what operating system. Instructions vary between Desktop, Android, and iOS. I’m wanting to assume you’re on desktop, but CCleaner also has an Android app.

That said, if I’m right and you’re on Desktop, then you need to check two places:

  1. brave://settings/cookies and make sure you don’t have Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows enabled.

  2. brave://settings/clearBrowserData and make sure you don’t have anything checked off under the On Exit tab.

And I guess we could add a third:

  1. Check your Shields settings. Do you have it set to anything like Block All Cookies? If so, that could be an issue.

Oh, sorry, my bad.
I’m using Windows 10 on a Dell Thinkpad. I don’t have the same issue with my phone though.
I checked the cookies and they were off. I also don’t have anything checked off under the exit tab.

Under the Shield settings, block cookies is set to only cross-site. Should I disable it?

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