Brave Browser keeps crushing started from today

Every time when I open this website, it just keeps crushing the browser, I even tried to re-install the browser and still didn’t fix the issue, very frustrated about this.

Brave-Browser-x64 for Mac OS Mojave is what I re-install again.

This website also suffers the same issue, it keeps crushing the browser.

However, as soon as I turn off the shields, the problem stops.

Which version of Brave is this using? I’m assuming an older ver?

Here is the screenshot

Can you update to the more recent ver of macOS? If not, try disabling shields globally via brave://settings/shields see if that helps with the crashes. I suspect the older version is the issue.

It was working perfectly yesterday, the issue only starts today. Also my current mac can not upgrade to the next Mac OS, it has to stay at Mojave.