Brave Browser is redirecting

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2. redirects to https://www.aliexpress.RU/

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Is this a virus? I keep getting a message that my phone is infected now and getting redirected.

It is not a virus, Chrome, Firefox, Opera & MS Edge all work correctly on the same machine. All history has been deleted along with cookies. Still redirects.

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Most likely, imo, you have a nasty extension. I am not able to reproduce this behavior. ie. Going to lands on

Give us a list of your extensions and we will be better able to assist you. Or you can take a screenshot of brave://extensions/.

I disabled all of them and it still does it… All other browsers work correctly…, go figure…

Anybody have some ideas here?

Download Malwarebytes free portable ADWcleaner and run it with admin priviledges. Download from here -
You might have a Pup doing it. Also Check your hosts file, and flush your DNS Cache.

Wow, spaced that one out… ipconfig /flushdns did the trick, thanks… Great tech support

Glad I could help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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