Brave Browser is noticeably absent from the Apple Vision Pro App Store

got my brand new Apple Vision Pro today. just home and starting to get it set up. Went in to the App Store, and Brave Browser is nowhere to be found. I wasn’t expecting to find it in Vision Pro Apps, but it’s not even in the iPad / iPhone compatible apps!!

Why has Brave chosen to block downloads of the iPadOS version of Brave Browser??!!!

I’m sorry to say it, but it’s a dealbreaker for internet browsing on AVP. I won’t use any other browser.

Which other 3rd party browsers are available on Apple Vision?

i have read good things about Firefox in terms of their efforts on privacy, but my devices are on Brave, MacOS with ublock origin.
There were other browsers in the AVP App Store, but I’m looking for Brave.

oh my goodness, fanboynz is the easylist author. [bowing]

The 3rd-party browsers on AVP App Store (shown under “compatible apps from ios and ipados”) are:

  • Firefox
  • Firefox Focus
  • Secret Broser
  • Opera Browser
  • Snowbunny Private Web Browser
  • TOR Browser; Onion TOR VPN
  • Aloha Browser: Private VPN
  • Dolphin Web Browser for iPad
  • Phoenix Browser + Proxy VPN
  • Red Onion - Darknet Browser
  • Private Browsing Web Browser
  • Gear Browser - Userscripts
  • Private Web Browser Incognito
  • Turbo VPN Private Browser
  • U Browser
  • Private Browser Delixe
  • Microsoft Edge: AI Browser

Geez the list just goes on and on
I’m especially enjoying how Microsoft Edge was down on page 8.

I’ll investigate, will update thread when I get more info

Still being worked on, no ETA. Still needs some QA work and testing for Apple Vision

I see there was an iPad update to Brave today but it is still not available on the Vision Pro App Store. I searched for a git issue where this QA/testing was being done and any updates to support Vision Pro but didn’t find anything.

Can someone provide a link to any git issue tracking this work or provide an estimated ETA? I would love to have my bookmarks sync’d across devices and be able to use the other brave features even if it is just the iPad version of Brave vs. a spatial version.

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Anything that any of us can do to help out with the testing? Would really love to see brave on the Vision Pro ASAP.

Be happy it’s being worked on. Brave seems not to be working on anything for it to be available on Quest and all, despite the idea the Quest is basically just running on Android. Might be able to sideload on it, but that’s about it.

Guessing it’s happening for Vision Pro because it’s all in Apple’s closed in (can’t think of the word…but how they kind of control everything and limit 3rd party stuff). Since it’s staying more on iOS framework, guessing it’s easy to port over. Whereas Android gets divided up too much and isn’t the same access points.

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I see another iPad update rolled out for Brave but not for the Vision Pro. Does anyone know if the team is trying to make Brave an optimized Vision Pro app vs. just allowing the iPad version of the app to be installed? I’m hoping the team can release the iPad version of the app soon even if they are working on an optimized for Vision Pro version.

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I second this request. Got my Vision Pro and went to install my favorite browser and it’s missing. Even the ipad version. Patiently waiting.

Lol, the rich people’s problems humblebrag of it all. It must be said.

I am also very interested in this feature. Can we get an indication if it is being considered and if so, approximate timeline?