Brave Browser is Going Downhill

I do not know what is happening to brave but for some reason, they are having a ton of issues the last few months.

  1. Not Sending money to people
  2. Not Crediting Brave Creators their dues
  3. Talking to Support is like talking to a brick wall.
  4. Support doesn’t seem to care about the issues
  5. So many bugs and issues
  6. Censorship issues out the wazoo!
  7. Not even receiving ads any more from the desktop browser

Keeping money from your members will not get you anywhere. As I am an example. As it stands I have fully switched to Cocoon Browser that has been paying me $200 a month with no issues, bugs, or delays. Brave Browser was a good one, but like most who are taking advantage of people during this Pan36ic (as you see I had to write it this way due to censorship) are no longer paying out like they should all under the guise of technical difficulties. Ones that never existed before the C9v8d…


If you are just looking to be paid for surfing the net and don’t care about data privacy, security and confidentiality then there are plenty of options out there, including Cocoon. But Cocoon is only available to US users and only on devices running Windows or MacOS. It pays you for using your data, rather than just taking it as other browsers do. But its still taking and sharing your data and compromising your privacy. Brave doesn’t do that and for that reason alone Cocoon and all the others out there just don’t cut it for me.


Ah, talking about privacy, but still you need to do the KYC.


I’m not affiliated with Brave I am a customer who has also experienced problems over the last few months - giving my opinion just like you. But I am looking at the bigger picture here rather than just myself. I think its safe to say that most of us came here looking for a secure, private browser first and foremost. Brave does what it says on the tin. The chance to earn crypto is a nice little extra.

However if crypto is the main attraction, there are plenty of other online resources who will happily pay you crypto while they continue to mine, steal and track your data. I know which one I’d rather be with.

KYC is to verifiy the genuine identify of customers for transactions to protect against counter-terrorist financing and money laundering. It is nothing to do with customer care. On customer care, I have found the Brave support team helpful provided you follow the procedures, give them the right information to enable them to investigate and exercise patience.


You really think that Brave Browser is Private. If they were Private, then they wouldn’t have to do the KYC, and that they wouldn’t have a Private window option either. lol you are too funny. and if you say you are experiences the same issues as I am, then how are you earning crypto if they are not giving it out. Also how is it doing what they say if they don’t send the crypto to you as promised? Think before you talk please! @Thrive Also how is it steeling your information on those other sites as you mentioned that are not good enough for you, when they are paying you for it?

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And what do you think they do with the information they collect from you? @Thrive. I ask a serious question to find help and even you had no reply to it, but when I critique my issues aginst brave, you a22 kiss them and all of a sudden have something to say??

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Well said! @blankcodes SOme people don’t know what privacy is and fall for sites that say they are private when they are not. It is almost like they are a22 kissing!

KYC in financial transactions (which includes crypto) is a legal compliance requirement. The providers enabling us to earn, invest and be paid crypto online are required to conduct this KYC or they would be breaking the law. That’s not stealing data that is complying with your legal obligations.

Other than the personal data (KYC) I gave to my wallet provider to verify my wallet (which I expected because I know its a legal requirement) absolutely NO data leaves any of my devices with Brave. I don’t know any other browser that does that. I prefer to be in control of my own data. I actually know a heck of a lot about data protection, privacy, legal and regulatory compliance. I was merely trying to help you to understand the process and why it was necessary. Knowing about and trying to explain these things to help you to understand the legal and regulatory process does not make me an ass-kisser, but if it makes you feel better to say that, have at it.

I saw no question in your opening post just a complaint/statement, so not sure what help you expected to receive.

I hope you have a great day! :slight_smile:


Stop acting like you know more than everyone. I know what regulatory and compliance and legal bla bla bla. The point is is that this Browser is not Private as you claim. The statement /complaint I made is clearly not just an experience or a complaint that I am only facing, as you clearly agreed with. The questions that were asked that I posted about before this one is the question that doesn’t seem to get any answers, which was clearly expressed by me.

Get off your high horse and explain things that I don’t know, and answer the questions/issues I had, such as why people are not getting paid, why all of a sudden in this so-called crisis that there are these payment issues.

SO if you didn’t see the question that’s because you refused to see them, instead you felt like you had to criticize a perfectly sound complaint instead of explaining why Brave is not doing what they say like pay people. It is also a lie to tell people that a brave browser is private and that they are doing what they say, and also is a lie to say that it other places/apps steel your information when they have paid you for your information and sell it to 3rd parties, it is the same thing brave is doing with your information (as you said you legal complied to let them)… It doesn’t make me feel good to see that you were offended by my complaint… It is obvious you don’t really know what you think you know!

I was merely trying to offer some perspective and another client viewpoint other than your own. I’m not pretending to know everything, indeed I know little and like to learn from others. But I’ve said my piece and repeat, there is no question or request for help in your opening post. You gave critical feedback, and I added my own. I am not getting into this with you. Have a nice day.

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No doubt you have an ulterior motive in your post since you haven’t mentioned an issue unrelated to money. Are you connected with the Cocoon Browser financially? They pay you $200 a month and there are no issues, bugs or delays? Well, that probably means that you’re on a Beta version that has bugs, issues and delays in it. Furthermore, you didn’t mention the 45 day wait period for any new user. Or the fees to transfer your money to Paypal. Those seem like issues and delays to me. Plus I’d guess that you’re having to visit sites that you’d never ordinarily go to.

I’ll stick with Brave and their privacy until you tell me how they aren’t protecting my data.

all the best … Dave


@doctordave77 … An Ulterior motive, don’t make me laugh! You really going to cry about a 45 day waiting period lolol for new users! As a mater of fact Brave is also in beta modes all the time. Sounds to me very hypocritical of you to complain about one beta program and not another. With Cocoon, yes I do make that much, so it was worth the wait, Now there is no waiting period. I get my money every time. I don’t even care about the fees either, which doesn’t make any sense to me that you would mention fees, when it cost fees from brave to transfer money to your wallets, not to mention gas fees, and other fees related to crypto when converting. If I had an ulterior motive, I would’ve posted a reffural link. Nor have I asked anyone to join there. NIce try though!

Wow this thread is a nightmare.

  1. "Not sending money to people":
    Yes we are. If you’re referring to user payouts being delayed – yes, sometimes that does happen. It does not mean that we are “keeping money from our ‘members’” (note that there is no Brave “membership” or subscription).
  2. "Not sending money to Creators"
    Yes, we are. Creators are not paid when they are suspended due to suspected/confirmed fraudulent activity. This is standard practice, given that when money is involved people will try to exploit it. If you were to cash fake checks at your bank and get caught, would they let you keep the money?
  3. "Talking to support is like talking to a brick wall"
    From your posting history, it looks like you’ve had one unanswered thread, while the others were responded to and you even marked Solved. As for the un-answered one, I apologize for not getting to it as we get thousands of posts every month (just on this site). If you would like to tag me in that post I’d be happy to reply and work with you.
  4. "Support doesn’t seem to care about the issues"
    This is subjective and you aren’t backing it with any details/arguments.
  5. "So many bugs and issues"
    Yes, you will find this to be the case with many software products – especially when they are new to the landscape. We are always working to improve and enhance Brave to be better. If there are specific bugs/issues you’d like to report and help us iron out – please let us know here on Community by opening a new topic with the necessary information.
  6. "Censorship issues out the wazoo!"
    I don’t know what this means.
  7. "Not even receiving ads any more from the desktop browser"
    If you are not seeing ads, then open a topic here on Community explaining your situation and provide all the requested detail, and we can take a look.

Also you didn’t have to censor “Pandemic” or “covid” or literally any word. What else is there?

:point_up: That is 100% incorrect.

So because we give you the option to browse in a Private session that means the browser is not…private?

Can you share the evidence for this? What are you basing this claim on? Just the KYC?

@imatumble thank you for your feedback, but at this point it seems like you’re just here to bicker which isn’t helping anyone.

If you have an issue (with the browser), open a topic and report it – tag me if necessary.
If you want to have a conversation here (with anyone), try talking instead of arguing/insulting/accusing.