Brave Browser Invite / Affiliate Tool. Invite friends to use Brave and get paid BATs


Something that incentivizes users/publishers/affiliates to promote and share Brave could be a nice driver of browser installs. I’ve attached a very rough mock but essentially there’d be a dedicated settings area for “Invite”. The campaign/landing page url would be trackable and credit the user who drives the referral.

Having a dedicated landing page will also have some other benefits such as:

  • Improves site stats (, etc.)
  • SEO from backlinks
  • Understand and optimize landing page messaging and language to attract users
  • Multilingual possibilities to reach an international audience

Open to thoughts and suggestions.


Hey Ivan!

Yes. Yes. (and) Yes.

This will be killer for the user growth pool once we integrate the BAT platform into Brave.

I have been thinking about this a lot since our call the other day. :slight_smile:


Great :slight_smile: Look forward to the BAT integration into Brave. Will continue to brainstorm ideas.