Brave Browser in Danish



I know, i’m good at english, but i would absolutely love to see the Brave Browser have a Danish translation.

I will love you forever.


Hi @KetaKongen,

The Danish (Da) project is still around 16%. Don’t you mind to help Brave localize Brave to Danish?

  • You can go to this link.
  • Create an account if you don’t have one.
  • And go to Da language project and start to translate it.

cc @aekeus for additional help.

Thank you
:slight_smile: :lion_face:


I would love to be a part of the Danish Translation team and form another part of the Brave Browser, so even more people can enjoy this amazing browser!


There you go:


I’ve now registered and joined the Da_DK team.
How do i get started translating?



  • Click Translate button, and then start to translate the untranslated strings.

Hope this can help. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Already in work. :wink:


Just a little update:

Just made the Danish Translation go from 16% to 26%. :wink:


That is awesome! Thanks for the contributions. Keep up the good work, @KetaKongen :slight_smile: :lion_face:


@eljuno - You are all welcome! I’m happy to help and thank you. I’ll stay put. :wink:


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