Brave Browser: import Addons from Opera browser?

Moin. (Northern German greets :slight_smile: )
How do i import Addons, Extension into Brave from browser Opera?

On this page there is to read 2 times:
“Import fast and easy your Addons etc.”

But the search in settings finds northing (in the german version):

What is Brave telling us nonsense?

ps: i can not add optional tags o_O
#addons #import #settngs

Apologies if I’m misunderstanding but what exactly is it you’re trying to import into the browser? Are you just trying to import extensions? If so, from where? If you’re trying to import from another Chromium-based browser, you can do this easily by (in Brave) going to Menu --> Bookmarks --> Import bookmarks and settings:

thx, i want to import from ANOTHER browser Opera. I corrected my txt above :slight_smile:

What you say i did before, BUT i want to import from Opera where exactly this option Extensions is missing.
Opera also is a Chromium-based browser i think.
With Vivaldi it seems to be OK, but with no other browser type else.

So Brave is not telling us ALL about this feature.
No way to do it.

I am also wondering how to import extensions from opera or opera gx to brave

ok, after the last Brave updates NOW it is possible to import favorites, bookmarks from Opera Browser. A month ago this was not possible, therefore my question above.
The available options differ from browser to browser on the Brave import page:
Luckily they seem to get steadily completed for all :slight_smile: