Brave Browser Helper (Renderer) - 100% of CPU

I can see right there that Brave is actually using less CPU than the activity monitor itself although I do believe that you see spikes as you’re describing.

You said you tried disabling HWA and extensions – can you try browsing/viewing video content on a new profile (Menu --> Create new profile)? I’m wondering if there is something specific to the data you have in your profile that is clogging things up.

You can try disabling Hardware Acceleration and see if that helps, but I actually would suggest the same thing I suggested @HannahRosen – try creating a new profile and see how it performs. It’s more than likely you have some “bad data” stored in cache and it’s causing the slow down. Testing against a new profile with no data, extensions, history etc will rule out whether or not the issue is related to Brave itself or some data contained within it.

Will creating a new profile delete my current one, or just add an additional one? As for “bad data stored in cache” I constantly clear my cache, and I have hardware acceleration off… I wonder why it’s even there, since for every browser, that’s often the first advice given when people have problems, disable it.
And it’s odd that none of my open tabs are using much RAM or CPU, but for the browser: 1.6 GB RAM 19.5% CPU
and the GPU Process 4.0 GB RAM 16% CPU
Also, total RAM used by Brave at this time is 17.3 GB !!

There’s certainly something wrong with your situation – on my end, I’m also on macOS and at this time, I’m running 4 instances of Brave (Nightly, Dev, Beta, Release) with multiple tabs each, in parallel, along with several other applications on my Macbook, and I’m seeing the following:

And no, creating a new profile will not delete the old one.

I’m not sure what your screenshot is supposed be showing me. It just shows your computer’s total memory, not how much of it is Brave, or the GPU helper, etc. Oh, I see, with several versions of Brave, you can still use it and be under 7GB of RAM… Yeah, something definitely is wrong with my end, as just a few days ago, I was noticing how little RAM it was using. Now it’s blowing up… I guess I’ll try the new profile, and see. However, if it works ok, then that won’t be of that much help, for I won’t know if it’s an extension, one of the windows I have open, or who knows what else? Not sure how I would begin to narrow it down. Would downloading and reinstalling it again, somehow change anything, for the better?

Downloading and reinstalling very well may help but it’s far more work than running this easy test (creating a new profile temporarily). The reason I like suggesting this test is because it’s not just simple but it will point us in the right direction – let me know what you find out.

I understand it’s simple to just use a new profile, my question is where do I go from there? If it’s ok with the new one, what would that mean, or if it still doesn’t work well, then what would I do? You’re only telling me to do a reading, not what to do once I know whether it works or not with a new profile.

If it works with a new profile, then something contained within your “normal” browsing profile is causing the conflict.

If you create a new profile and are still seeing the same GPU resources used, we’re likely looking at an issue/conflict between your machine (and its components) and Brave itself. Which means we’re looking at a much broader potential cause for the behavior – this may require reinstalling or testing another Brave build.

If you create a new profile and it works without any issues, then we know the problem lies within the profile and data, rather than the machine and browser. This might mean trying to deleting all profile data (using the Clear browsing data option in Settings --> History), or digging into the individual sites that.

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I have had the problem many times.

In my case, I solve by going to Extensions, and removing the Lastpass extension.

I then reinstall Lastpass.

Problem solved for me for a few months. It’s a hassle, but far better than the racket the fan makes.

Wait – so you’re seeing that if you do not run the LastPass browser extension, you get better performance results?

Lastpass works great for a few months.

I then start hearing the fan caused by high cpu.

I delete lastpass, then reinstall, everything is fine for a few more months.

Hope that’s clear.

Just had to do the delete and reinstall today. That’s what brought me to this topic

I wonder if its the cache data from LastPass graudally collecting/getting stuck, subsequently casuing the cpu to struggle with the clump of data. I’ll dig into this a little more on my end – good sleuthing on your part :slight_smile:

This I think is a general issue, not particular to Brave Browser. I experienced it just now, so I stated my Chrome browser and immediately noticed the same issue there.

The fact is my mac is running slow right now (very slow) and the reason for the renderer or helper is to kick in and render the page, it is some kind of mechanism. The real issue is, the computer being slow, which could be it is busy doing something or updating index, I am attaching my screenshot it. I will probably leave the laptop running for the night and hopefully all the updates should be done the next day.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 11.21.14 PM

Also got the same issue. Brave using 311MB of memory while just having 3 opened tabs. Brave is updated to the newest version.

Unfortunately, I have the same issue. Don’t you guys have a solution? It makes my computer slower and drains a lot energy. It’s kinda working on Blender 3d.

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)
2,6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7
16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

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1.12.114 is eating my RAM. There was no problem until yesterday.

MacBook Pro 15-inch 2014, 2.2 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM.

Just one tab is utilizing this.


I am facing the same issue since yesterday. There are only 10 tabs open in my browser and single window. My Brave screen turns gray when this usage spikes to 101% and i have to kill the process to get back my normal screen.
I am using MackbookPro 13-inch,2017 with 8GB Ram. Brave version 1.12.114

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Hi @zachariasmanuel - do you have the Grammerly extension installed? There is a known issue with a fix on the way. CC @Mattches

I was also facing the same problem. I am not sure of the actual issue but something that worked for me was clearing cache data and cookies from the beginning. I cleared all of them and no-longer seeing the high CPU issue. I will update if the issue comes back.

Disabled Grammarly and solved the issue. Thanks @steeven. CC @Mattches

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Was having the exact same CPU issue. Just disabled grammarly and seems to have solved the issue. When should we expect a fix? How will we know when it’s okay turn it back on?